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Taste My Culture is a term coined to represent the international culinary experimentation and cultural exploration encountered through a 100+ year-old Alaskan sourdough starter originating from the Yukon Gold Rush of the 1890s named Alaskan Kaihanu D.P. or "Kaihanu." The starter has traveled in 15 different countries on four continents and 16 states of the U.S., cooking and exploring cultural heritage in over 60 different households around the globe.
In 2018, Kaihanu was selected and collected for permanent preservation and study as sourdough starter #107 at the Puratos World Heritage Sourdough Library in Belgium. The starter is also featured as part of the library's Quest for Sourdough "Klondike Gold Rush" short film episodes.
Absorbing the many flours, water, and air microbes along the way, Kaihanu is often used for Taste My Culture classes or home cooking sessions to promote scientific discovery, cultural exchange and heritage, culinary experimentation, artistic adventure, and, ultimately, a sensory experience of Alaskan history.
Kaihanu continues to travel, share, and expand with many hosts, students, and friends adding to this sourdough's international family and story. Explore the website's photo portfolio and interactive map to see Kaihanu's cooking experiments and different cultural traditions adopted as it explores the world through sourdough.
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