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The World's Oldest Sourdough?
BBC World's Table
Paul Feinstein

The search for the oldest sourdough starter spans continents and countries, science labs and libraries, and involves everyone from the Ancient Egyptians to Jesus Christ. This is a quest to find the oldest mothers on the planet – living, breathing, bubbling sourdough starters that helped build the pyramids, fed the Roman Empire and nourished a gold rush.

Not Just Yeast: How One Sourdough Starter Bubbled Out Feminism

Food Feminism Fermentation
Arianna Sikorski

Little did I know that my personal connection to female strength and identity would also change through this sourdough and be an inspiration to other
women along my journey.

The Culture of Sourdough with Arianna Sikorski of Taste My Culture

Weston A. Price Foundation
Joy de los Santos-Farrar

Arianna travels the world exploring cultural heritage through taste. From the heights of Machu Picchu to the geothermal waters of Iceland, she and her sourdough starter continue to explore and live as a catalyst for scientific discovery, cultural exchange, culinary experimentation, artistic adventure, and, ultimately, a sensory experience of Alaskan history. 

The Klondike Goldrush: On The Road In Yukon

(part 4)

The Quest for Sourdough
Karl De Schmedt

Rik Verbraeken

Karl went to the U.S. & Canada on a new quest for sourdough. He gathered multiple sourdoughs, all with a Klondike Gold Rush history. Blueberry pancakes made with over 100 years old sourdough? Delicious. Karl’s (tasty) quest continues in the fourth episode of #klondikegoldrush.
Watch all episodes of the Klondike Gold Rush:
Seattle (part 1)
A Bit of History (part 2)
A 120 Year Old Sourdough (part 3)
Gold of Dawson City (part 5)


Alaskan Sourdough Blueberry Pancakes
The Quest for Sourdough
Karl De Schmedt

On my quest for sourdough about the Klondike Gold Rush, Arianna Sikorski joined me on the last lap from Whitehorse to Dawson. She had her Alaskan sourdough with her and she baked pancakes with it. I guarantee that they were tasting exquisite. Here's her recipe.

Why A Belgian Sourdough Librarian Flew To Canada For Yeast

Roads & Kingdoms
Rafael Tonon

What brought the director of a Belgian sourdough library to the Yukon? Century-old sourdough starters and a community whose history is singularly tied to an ancient form of bread-making.

Inside the World's Only Sourdough Library

Atlas Obscura
Anne Ewbank

In the tiny municipality of St. Vith, Belgium, there’s a most unusual library. Unusual, that is, because the objects on its shelves need to be fed every few months. Burbling away in refrigerators are 105 sourdough starters from around the world.

Meet the Man Behind the World’s Only Sourdough Library

Atlas Obscura
Travel & Events

According to Karl De Smedt, the man behind the world’s only sourdough library, sourdough belongs to the entire world.

Pieces of Us: Parallel Plates
Folklife Magazine
Rachel Barton

A search for culture, community, and identity leads us to the tangible pieces that contribute to those intangible concepts. One of those pieces tends to be a dish that harkens back to our childhood, conjures familial dinners, or invokes the face of a loved one. Regardless of how long it’s been since eating that dish, one taste can send us back through the haze of time to a particular kitchen and a particular plate.

Food, Travel & Connections:
A Sourdough Story

Arts & Culture Maven
Anna Wassenberg

Sourdough as a universal connection? For Arianna Sikorski, the idea came about as a natural development. Currently in the research phase of working through the program, the focus has been on thinking about the links between food, culture, heritage, and how the latter are exchanged with others in modern society.
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